Monday night, July 31, 8 pm

We gather quietly at 8 pm in our Davvenen space at Summit.

Tisha b’Av is a time of grief,  yet our Tisha b’Av gathering also reminds us that hope can spring from destruction in surprising ways. 

You may wish to reflect on ways in which even tragedy can unfold blessing or a positive outcome over time,  and how the process of grief and healing works. 

There can be a healing of past hurt and a renewal of hope. 

This is an aspect of the experience of redemption.

On this evening, at a time of so much turbulence and distress nationally and globally,  

we grieve and reflect on the redemptive possibilities of the healing that can come inside us and among us.

This is an important evening to attend, a crucial aspect of the spiritual/historical cycle of the Jewish year.

-Rabbi Marcia Prager