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General Listserv

For updates on activities,  join the P’nai Or e-mail list by contacting Listserv Coordinator, Karen Kessler at


The purpose of the P’nai Or list is to provide a forum for P’nai Or communication related to the daily business and life of the community. The basic function is to make concise announcements about meetings, simchas/celebrations and sorrows, members needs for community support, davennen/prayer and educational activities. Since Tikkun Olam/repairing the world is a vital part of our community life we encourage thoughtful comments on political and spiritual issues. These comments are subject to the rabbinic standard of “Arguments for the Sake of Heaven”, a discussion which seeks a common truth from which a mutually agreed upon resolution can be derived.


The following guidelines take into account different capabilities of email systems to accommodate long messages, and members’ requests to reduce the overall email load. Please follow them when writing and sending your messages.

Kavvanah – Intention

1. Be clear and to the point in your message. This will assure that more people will want to read what you have to say.

2. Please follow accepted internet guidelines about tone. Messages should be respectful of the people in the larger discussion and of   those who are writing opinions and responses. Don’t engage in bitter arguments online. Please review your message before you send it.

Kevah – Structure

3. All messages must have a descriptive subject.

4. It is not possible to send attachments to the P’nai Or list. You may copy the text of a document into the body of an email to the list. Or you may put a link to document in the body of the email.

5. Long messages must have
(a) the word “LONG” as the first word in their subject,
(b) a summary of the content as the first few lines of the body of  the message.

6. Forwarded messages must have
(a) the words “Forwarded from xxxxx” in the subject (where the “xxxxx” is the source).
(b) the word “LONG” as the first word in their subject (if appropriate).
(c) a short summary of the content from the sender including why this is relevant to the Pnai Or list.

7. There is no limit on the number of messages that any member can post. To have an extended discussion, we recommend that you invite people to join you off the list and form a small discussion group which reports to the list from time to time.