Davvenen Prayer Style

P’nai Or is a location for Jewish creativity known for our unique exploratory and participatory style.

Leadership of the services is shared by members through a service leaders’ group. Rabbi Marcia Prager also leads, teaches, and provides rabbinic guidance. This system of shared leadership encourages members to train as leaders, and offers us diverse styles of prayer and learning.

Our davvenen includes traditional nusach/liturgical melodies, song and chant, movement, dance, contemplative reflection, small group exercises and sharing… and a range of other creative possibilities.

Our user-friendly siddur/prayerbook, designed by Rabbi Marcia, with the participation of many members, includes Hebrew, transliteration, and inspiring translations.

Learn here: About our P’nai Or siddurim

Davvenen Leadership Feedback & Support Group

Our service leader, musicians, leyners/Torah readers, and Torah discussion leaders meet monthly to learn, share, and grow in a supportive environment that makes our community a living laboratory for the exploration of Jewish prayer.

Photo credits: Norman Pearl 2014; Marcia Prager (Bat Mitzvah Leyning)
No photos on this website were taken on Shabbat or Yom Tov.

Davvenen Leaders Training

A “Master Class” led by Rabbi Marcia Prager two or three times a year allows both new and experienced davveners to step into the ‘Rebbe’s chair’ to practice leading prayer from the heart.

“I have participated in Davvenen Leaders workshops, where Rabbi Prager takes us through a portion of the service. We hear and feel where a selected prayer fits in and what comes before and after. My leading has improved from the awareness I have gained in these workshops.”