Winter/Spring Beit Midrash Shabbas Shmoozes

P’nai Or Shabbas Schmooze learning programs are open to all and we invite you to participate.
They occur after lunch in our davvenen space, starting about 2:00 P.M.

The Rise and Fall of the 2nd Jewish Commonwealth
Saturdays, February 27 and March 5

Taught by Harold Gorvine

Jewish History comes alive when taught by history professor Harold Gorvine. The Second Temple period in Jewish history lasted between 530 BC and 70 AD, when the Second Temple of Jerusalem existed, and ended with the Roman destruction of Jerusalem. Get the inside story! This is a continuation of the Fall Semester Class.

The history of the Second Jewish Commonwealth (538 BCE – 132 CE) is the earliest bridge between Biblical times and modern Jewish history. During that period, many forms of Judaism emerged and competed with one another; Christianity was born; and Jewish religious zealots initiated two rebellions against the Roman Empire – revolts that ended in defeat and catastrophe. It is also the period during which rabbinic Judaism continued developing to fill the vacuum left by the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Lessons from Reb Zalman, a’h
Saturday,  March 26

Taught by Seth Fishman

I will cover the material from the chapter “Blue Jeans Spirituality” which Reb Zalman referenced in his final shiur: which is a one hour tour of the main topics in davvenology.  I will present Zalman’s suggestions for bringing God into the everyday, ki kadoshim b’chol yom y’hallelucha, finding holiness in everyday places.

A brief bio: Born in 1954 in Brooklyn, Gabbai Seth Fishman grew up in a secular Jewish home though always felt spiritual. He was shaped by the social and political forces of the late 1960s and 70s. He received a B.A. from Yale in Music in 1976 and an MBA from Wharton School of Business in 1986. In 1989, he met Reb Zalman and began working for him as a gabbai the following year. Married with two daughters, he is active in the Jewish Ritual life of Bucks County, Pennsylvania where he davvens, studies and teaches Ḥasidus.

The Dangling Conversation:  Bringing Lessons from Talmud to our Daily Spiritual Practice
Saturday, April 2

Taught by C. Elissa Yaffa

We are instructed to recite the Amidah 3 times a day – but why?  And when?

Come to this Shabbat Schmooze and delve into fascinating texts that illuminate aspects of our davenning practice.

It is sure to be a lively & deep discussion!

Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean: The Jewish War Against Spain
Saturday, June 4

Taught by Gary Itzkowitz

As is well known, the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, but that was not the end of it.  The Inquisition followed the fleeing Jews to the New World where both Jews and Conversos (Jews who converted to Catholicism) were hunted down and burned at the stake.  The Survivors had had enough – they wanted vengeance against Spain.  Come to this Schmooze and find out how they got their vengeance.

Pray With Your Hands
Possibly July 23

Taught by Stuart Goldman

An opportunity to spiritually connect with each other and the Divine. We will embark on a journey of co-creation and explore if we can feel the Divine connection that can be reached playing together.

Limited to the first 6 people who register and who can tap their foot to the beat.

No prior drumming experience necessary!

These Shabbot programs are free, though we ask for a donation ($10 would be nice).
For Sunday programs and weekly programs, donations or fees will be collected at the door.
For Saturday programs, we ask you to send in your donations to:
P’Nai OR, P.O. Box 9917, Phila, PA 19118